30. March 2017

AT&T gives it customers free access to digital magazines

AT&T has announced a digital magazine program for their customers. They will get limited time access to four digital magazine titles per month. Those can be read on up to five personal devices.

The technology behind this deal is provided by Readly – a flat rate subscritption service for magazines in various languages. For about $10 per month users get permanent access to thousends of magazine titles (including back issues).

The AT&T version is called “Readly Select”. Eligible AT&T wireless customers will have access to personally selected digital magazine titles, including back issues of each title. Readly Select can change their selected magazine titles on a monthly basis. Those are accessible across mobile and tablet devices (and probably also in the web browser, since Readly also has a browser interface for reading)

Through AT&T THANKS, Readly Select subscribers can upgrade to a Readly premium paid subscription at any time. Upon completion of the FREE access period, AT&T wireless customers will be given the option to pay for a Readly Select subscription, or upgrade to Readly’s standard unlimited reading service, Readly Premium, for a flat monthly fee.

21. July 2015

Amazon lets readers follow authors

Amazon has quietly launched a new way for readers follow their favorite authors. Amazon Follow lets fans know of an author’s latest activity.

Of course readers can choose which authors to follow, and if one of those authors releases a new book the reader followers will be notified shortly thereafter. Amazon will also notify a reader if a person they follow publishes an article.

An author’s follow button can be found on their author page, and readers can manage their privacy settings as well as the authors they follow on each reader’s public profile page.

This might be yet another attempt from Amazon to drag users away from other social networks into it’s own realm.

30. June 2015

ShareTheMeal – fight hunger with your smartphone

ShareTheMeal is a new fundraising app developed in Berlin by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The simple idea is to enable users to “share a meal” with a hungry child – by donating just 40 cent. That are the actual costs per day for one child. The distribution is done by the WFP. The first goal is to feed every school child in Lesotho. If this works, the will add region-by-region and country-by-country to reach every child in need.

The app allows the user to see how many meals have been shared already and to be as transparent as possible it also uses Geotags to show where the meals are distributed as well as stories of the children. You can find more information here: sharethemeal.org.

There are almost 20 times more smartphones than hungry children. It does only need a fraction of those smartphone users to feed every hungry child.

ShareTheMeal is a young start-up innovation based in Germany. Ireland was the first country in which the “ShareTheMeal” app was available during a trial period, since today it can be downloaded in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well. It should be available worldwide in July/August 2015.

It only takes two steps for you to help:

1. Download the app yourself and start sharing a meal. www.sharethemeal.org

2. Post and write about the app on your Facebook page, on twitter or wherever your friends are.

The app is available for Android and iOS. So go and check out, if it is available in your country and if so, just download it and share a meal with a hungry child.

It was never this easy to fight hunger in the world.

26. June 2015

The Joy of jQuery free on Amazon

B00H1G7B08The Joy of jQuery

Free for your Kindle today on amazon (check first if it is still free) The Joy of jQuery from Alan Forbes. The book has 152 pages and 26 customer reviews. Customer gave it 4.4 out of 5 stars so far. So it is save to recommend a download and the more because it is free at the moment. The book is aimed at jQuery beginners.

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Between the Stars (You Say Which Way) Steampunk novel free on amazon

Between the Stars (You Say Which Way)

This looks interesting. The novel from Between the Stars (You Say Which Way) from D. M. Potter is only 146 pages short, but so far got 7 five star reviews from 7 customers. So it might really worth downloading, and since it’s free today on amazon I already added it to my library. The interesting part is, that the reader can decide where the plot is directed to.


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22. May 2015

Asylum – free Horror Thriller on Amazon

Amy Cross

You can download the horror novel Asylum by Amy Cross today for free from Amazon. The 672 pages long book got 3.9 out of max 5 stars from 380 customer reviews, where 162 customers gave it 5 stars.

Book Description

Publication Date: November 23, 2013
“No-one ever gets to leave Lakehurst. The staff, the patients, the ghosts… Once you’re here, you’re stuck forever.”

After shooting her little brother dead, Annie Radford is sent to a psychiatric hospital for assessment. Hearing voices in her head, Annie is forced to undergo experimental new treatments devised by a mysterious old man who lives in the hospital’s attic. It soon becomes clear that the hospital’s staff, led by the vicious Nurse Winter, are involved in some dark and horrific plans.

As Annie struggles to survive the hospital, she learns more about Nurse Winter’s own story. Once a promising young medical student, Nurse Winter also heard voices in her head. What kind of signals are being transmitted from the basement of the hospital? Who is the old man in the attic? Why are living human brains kept in jars? And what is the dark secret that lurks at the heart of the hospital?

Please note: This book contains violence, adult language and sex scenes. Not suitable for children or young readers.

05. May 2015

FREE MP3 Watching the Storm

Watching the Storm

Watching the Storm – U137 on amazon.com

This is a nice calm piece of music available for free on amazon.com right now.

30. January 2014

Kindle Paperwhite 2 nur kurze Zeit für 99 Euro

Zum ersten Mal reduziert Amazon den Preis des Kindle Paperwhite 2 für die breite Masse von der unverbindlichen Preisempfehlung von 129 Euro auf 99 Euro. Das ist eine satte Ersparnis von 30 Euro für das Top-Modell von Amazon – dem meistverkauften eBook Reader im Weihnachtsgeschäft 2013. Wer sparen will muss schnell zuschalgen, das Angebotsende ist der 03. Februar “solange der Vorrat reicht”.

Damit liegt der Kindle Paperwhite 2 preislich gleichauf mit dem Tolino Shine (der allerdings aktuell ebenfalls zum Sonderpreis angeboten wird). Jedoch bietet der Kindle Paperwhite 2 das etwas bessere Display (E-Ink-Carta für leicht bessere Kontraste), eine deutlich bessere Firmware, fortschrittlichere Apps für iOS, Android & Co und ein durchdachtes und komfortables Ökosystem mit einer Menge Zusatznutzen. Zwar ist man mit dem Kindle (zumindest theoretisch) an Amazon gebunden, dafür bekommt man hier auch alle eBooks und muss nicht wie beim Tolino durch diverse online-Stores suchen, da nicht jeder alle eBooks anbietet. Außerdem dürften einem Umzugsaktionen mit den eigenen eBooks erspart bleiben, anders als die Telekom mit ihrem ePage Store, wird Amazon sich nicht so schnell aus dem eBook Geschäft zurückziehen.

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28. August 2012

Free Kindle Books – Non Fiction

Be aware that prices change frequently, so check the price before you buy!

22. May 2012

Free Kindle Books – Non Fiction

Disclaimer: All books where free to users in the US at the time of posting this list. Prices Change. Please check the Price BEFORE buying.The full list of new free kindle books at Amazon.

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