17. May 2011

Amazon is about to unveil whole tablet family

It is no longer a secret – Amazon is working on a Kindle Tablet. You can find solid evidence throughout the whole blogosphere. Still Amazon has not officially confirmed anything, not to mention giving any details on what we can expect.

Most rumors refer to the allegedly order of touch screens by Amazon. New rumors say, we can expect multiple tablet sizes and possibly a smartphone or iPod Touch-like pocketable device.

Also recent news indicates that Android 3.0 will be the OS in favor for these possible devices. It might even be possible, that Amazon is working directly with Google to some extent.

The display type is still in question. Some say it might be a Mirasol display or a Pixel Qi display, since Amazon is eager to bring the experience of outdoor reading to a new level.

But there is no doubt about it, if Amazon throws some decent devices at a reasonable price on the market, there will be a hard time for Apple :)

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