30. March 2017

AT&T gives it customers free access to digital magazines

AT&T has announced a digital magazine program for their customers. They will get limited time access to four digital magazine titles per month. Those can be read on up to five personal devices.

The technology behind this deal is provided by Readly – a flat rate subscritption service for magazines in various languages. For about $10 per month users get permanent access to thousends of magazine titles (including back issues).

The AT&T version is called “Readly Select”. Eligible AT&T wireless customers will have access to personally selected digital magazine titles, including back issues of each title. Readly Select can change their selected magazine titles on a monthly basis. Those are accessible across mobile and tablet devices (and probably also in the web browser, since Readly also has a browser interface for reading)

Through AT&T THANKS, Readly Select subscribers can upgrade to a Readly premium paid subscription at any time. Upon completion of the FREE access period, AT&T wireless customers will be given the option to pay for a Readly Select subscription, or upgrade to Readly’s standard unlimited reading service, Readly Premium, for a flat monthly fee.

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