26. June 2015

Between the Stars (You Say Which Way) Steampunk novel free on amazon

Between the Stars (You Say Which Way)

This looks interesting. The novel from Between the Stars (You Say Which Way) from D. M. Potter is only 146 pages short, but so far got 7 five star reviews from 7 customers. So it might really worth downloading, and since it’s free today on amazon I already added it to my library. The interesting part is, that the reader can decide where the plot is directed to.


Orphaned in the steam punk city of Londinium you gain passage to the stars in a mysterious ark. Sleeping passengers do not age. They learn as they dream.You will be woken when your new skills are needed.

If you choose to take on a mission you can earn credit for the new planet – even freedom – but you could also arrive on the new planet too old to ever be free.
“Sleeper, do you accept the mission?”
Hummingbots, space pirates, arch criminals and a sentient plant are waiting to meet you.

From the reviews:

“Do you want to be a space explorer? Then ‘Between the Stars’ is your book.”

“This is the best book yet from Deb Potter. The story grips you and pulls you in from the very first page. Sci-Fi is definitely the genre for this author.”

“The idea of reading a book where one could choose the direction that the story would go in, intrigued me.”

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