30. January 2014

Kindle Paperwhite 2 nur kurze Zeit für 99 Euro

Zum ersten Mal reduziert Amazon den Preis des Kindle Paperwhite 2 für die breite Masse von der unverbindlichen Preisempfehlung von 129 Euro auf 99 Euro. Das ist eine satte Ersparnis von 30 Euro für das Top-Modell von Amazon – dem meistverkauften eBook Reader im Weihnachtsgeschäft 2013. Wer sparen will muss schnell zuschalgen, das Angebotsende ist der 03. Februar “solange der Vorrat reicht”.

Damit liegt der Kindle Paperwhite 2 preislich gleichauf mit dem Tolino Shine (der allerdings aktuell ebenfalls zum Sonderpreis angeboten wird). Jedoch bietet der Kindle Paperwhite 2 das etwas bessere Display (E-Ink-Carta für leicht bessere Kontraste), eine deutlich bessere Firmware, fortschrittlichere Apps für iOS, Android & Co und ein durchdachtes und komfortables Ökosystem mit einer Menge Zusatznutzen. Zwar ist man mit dem Kindle (zumindest theoretisch) an Amazon gebunden, dafür bekommt man hier auch alle eBooks und muss nicht wie beim Tolino durch diverse online-Stores suchen, da nicht jeder alle eBooks anbietet. Außerdem dürften einem Umzugsaktionen mit den eigenen eBooks erspart bleiben, anders als die Telekom mit ihrem ePage Store, wird Amazon sich nicht so schnell aus dem eBook Geschäft zurückziehen.

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20. May 2012

Kobo Touch on sale for $89.99

One of the best eInk eReaders on the market, the Kobo Touch is on sale for $89.99 on e-Readers, this is $10 less then what you would pay regularly.

The Kobo supports many foreign languages such as German, French, English and more. Shop e-Readers is now selling the Kobo Touch at a rock bottom rate of $89.99 You can purchase this device and have it shipped to any country in the world. Deal expires on 06/30/2012

If you want it even cheaper, you can buy the Kobo Touch with offers, which is $74.99 only. The difference? When you turn the device off, you will see an advertising on the screen. That’s it. Most of the ads are even quite interesting and can save you more money.

08. May 2012

Nook Simple Touch and Color on sale for Mother’s Day

Barnes & Noble is currently holding a Mother”s Day Sale on the Nook Simple Touch basic model, and the Nook Color. The sale ends May 12.

The sale brings the Nook Simple Touch down to $79, and the Nook Color down to $149. That’s $20 less than they are normally.

The Nook Simple Touch at $79 is a better deal than the $79 Kindle, which is not touch screen.

If you’re looking for a bargain and a good gift idea for Mother’s Day, this is a good option to consider.

It will be interesting to see if and how Amazon responds to this special offer.

21. October 2011

Free Kindle Apps Site

The site – http://ereadplus.com offers free apps for your Kindle and is being modified and added to all the time. It already has several fully functioning apps.

Currently there are:

  • Calculator optimized for the kindle screen
  • Kindle Calendar
  • Time Zones
  • Latest News Feeds
  • Currency Converter
  • Units Converter
  • Web Bookmarks
  • Thesaurus
  • Google Maps for Kindle
  • Language Translator

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20. October 2011

Kobo Vox up for pre-order – Ships on 28 October

Kobo have just announced their new Android tablet on twitter. It is alread up for pre-order on their website.

The Kobo Vox is a 7″ Android tablet with a capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 1024×600. It is running Android v2.3 on an 800MHz CPU. The internal Storage is 8GB and expandable by SD card. It also has a speaker, and a headphone jack.
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17. October 2011

Whispersync now works with personal documents in the cloud

Whispersync works with personal documents now. If you mail any personal documents to your Kindles email adress, these docs are saved on amazons servers, so you can re-download them to your Kindle anytime.
With the new software for the Kindle 3 you can manage these personal docs right from your Kindle.

Sadly users, like me, with a Kindle DXG are left out again. No update so far. As a Kindle DX/DXG user you are also able to send documents wireless to your device for a charge of 19 to 99 cents per MB (depending on where you are). You can and also send docs for free to your free.kindle.com address and on arrival transfer these docs via USB to your Kindle DXG. Your docs will be stored in the cloud as well, but you can not access them directly from your Kindle DXG. What is new is the fact, that suddenly there is a “Send to” button right to your docs. I’ve tried this button several times and was able to send any personal document free of charge to my Kindle DXG via 3G.

This even works outside the US, if you are a US citizen travelling abroad. If this is not a mistake by Amazon I can live very well without a software update for my Kindle DXG. Although I would advise not to over-stress this new function.

The cloud storage so far is 5GB for each account. That is a nice addition to the 3.3GB memory in your Kindle.
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06. October 2011

Amazons Kindle Fire

Amazons newest top-seller (Amazon sells about 2000 pieces per hour) comes on November 15, 2011 and costs just about U$199.

The Kindle Fire will come with 100 DC Comics’ titles, including a new digital edition of the 400+ page Watchmen graphic novel. Kindle Fire consumers will receive a pre-installed copy as part of their purchase.

The Kindle Fire is a decent piece of Hardware, running on Android. But it is also as close tied to the World as Amazon as the iPad is to the world of Apple.

May be that is the real price for such a device. You will lose your privacy to Amazon – the Silk browser uses the power of the Amazon cloud services to render your web pages, so Amazon will know about every step you make anywhere in the internet. The only app store you get access to is the Amazon app store. You can not read DRMed EPUBs with the Fire, same will go for DRMed Audio and Video if not bought from Amazon. And you will not even be able to expand the devices memory. If you need more memory you have to put your stuff into the Amazon cloud again – at least for no extra cost – as long as it was bought at Amazon.
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04. October 2011

Amazon Kindle now starts as low as 79 Dollars

The Kindle Basic got the same 6″ screen as all the other Kindles (Peral E-Ink), but does not have touch or keyboard. The only buttons are the page flipping buttons and the five button at the bottom of the case (including one four way button). Because of this the device is both very compact and inexpensive. It is both smaller and lighter than Kindle 3. The price starts at only $79 for the Special Offers version and $109 without ads. The device is actually called just “Kindle”, with Kindle 3 being renamed into “Kindle Keyboard”.

The Kindle 4 without touch is mainly a reading device. All other activities, like making annotations ore shopping in the amazon store are not as comfortable as with Kindle Keyboard or Kindle Touch. But if you are just looking for a small and inexpensive e-Reader with all the Amazon-Power behind, you should definitely give it a try. I for myself am considering buying one as a cheap companion for places I do not take my Kindle DXG to, like the gym for example.
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22. June 2011

Kindle Notepad Update V1.1

This is the first time, I am able to update a Kindle app, that I have installed on my Kindle. I did not even know, that this is possible at all.

Notepad V1.1 is available on amazon.com for $0.99 or f you already bought it, as a free update.

Firstly, if you already used Notepad for Kindle, make a backup of your notes and your backups folder on your PC or Mac before updating the application! This is just a precaution, but if anything goes wrong, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

If you have WiFi or 3G then you should do the wireless update, since it works automatically and flawlessly. If you are doing a manual transfer via USB it is even more important to backup your notes before you do the update.

To update the app via Whispersync just go to the product page Notepad V1.1. When you are logged in to your account, you will see a “Update Available” button instead of the usual one.

The new file downloads to your Kindle via WhisperNet and overwrites the existing file. This happens automatically. You haven’t to do anything, don’t try to interfere with the update by deleting any files or whatsoever.

That’s it.

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21. June 2011

Kandle 2 light for Kindle and other e-Readers

I actually own both versions of the Kandle Light – the original Kandle (in white), and a black Kandle 2! I have used them for my Kindle DX and now for my Kindle DX Graphite. Now there is also a graphite version of the Kandle 2 available. The new Kandle 2 costs about $25.

The quality of this little light is really good. The graphite model has a nice matte finish which feels “soft” to the touch. The color perfectly matches the kindle and they look like they were meant to go together.

The size of the Kandle is absolutely perfect. It does not weight much, one reason for this are the two CR 2032 cells which are powering the light. Unlike most other lights the clip is rather long horizontal instead of vertical. It wont cover the screen on most e-readers.

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