30. June 2015

ShareTheMeal – fight hunger with your smartphone

ShareTheMeal is a new fundraising app developed in Berlin by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The simple idea is to enable users to “share a meal” with a hungry child – by donating just 40 cent. That are the actual costs per day for one child. The distribution is done by the WFP. The first goal is to feed every school child in Lesotho. If this works, the will add region-by-region and country-by-country to reach every child in need.

The app allows the user to see how many meals have been shared already and to be as transparent as possible it also uses Geotags to show where the meals are distributed as well as stories of the children. You can find more information here: sharethemeal.org.

There are almost 20 times more smartphones than hungry children. It does only need a fraction of those smartphone users to feed every hungry child.

ShareTheMeal is a young start-up innovation based in Germany. Ireland was the first country in which the “ShareTheMeal” app was available during a trial period, since today it can be downloaded in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well. It should be available worldwide in July/August 2015.

It only takes two steps for you to help:

1. Download the app yourself and start sharing a meal. www.sharethemeal.org

2. Post and write about the app on your Facebook page, on twitter or wherever your friends are.

The app is available for Android and iOS. So go and check out, if it is available in your country and if so, just download it and share a meal with a hungry child.

It was never this easy to fight hunger in the world.

13. May 2012

Amazon plans to launch blogs

The Daily reported recently that Amazon is going to launch several new blogs this year.

Allegedly Amazon plans to launch a gadget review blog, media blog, and a photo app blog. The review blog will be similar to blogs like Engadget or Gizmodo, and will link back to products on Amazon. Whereas the media blog would cover topics like films, comics, TV and gadgets, while the photo app blog would cover photo apps.

Amazon already has a number of blogs. A kindle promotion blog, the Daily Kindle Post, a book blog (Omnivoracious), car blog (Car Lust), film blog (Armchair Commentary), foodie blog (Al Dente), music blog (ChordStrike), and a general gadget blog called End User.

08. May 2012

Twitter login credentials leaked

Twitter said that it was trying to figure out how user names and passwords from thousands of accounts apparently showed up at an online file sharing website.

Information posted on Pastebin.com pages appeared to be from about 35,000 Twitter accounts, according to a message tweeted by the San Francisco firm.

“We’re looking into the situation and have pushed out password resets to potentially affected accounts,” Twitter said.

Twitter recommended users change their passwords. According to Twitter the list at Pastebin included spam accounts and incorrect login credentials.

The evident data breach came as Twitter challenged a court order to turn over to law enforcement data on one of its users involved in Occupy Wall Street.
The motion filed Monday in a New York state court said the order would require Twitter to violate federal law and denies the user the ownership rights to his Twitter messages. The American Civil Liberties Union on Tuesday applauded Twitter’s action, saying the company was standing up for free speech.

04. October 2011

Google opening Retail Stores in the UK

Google hase just opened its first store within another store in the UK. The store is located inside a PC World store. Google is going to be leasing small parts of PC World’s stores to promote Chromebooks and ChromeOS.

These spaces are called “Chromezone”. Similar to the Apple spaces you find at Best Buy. This space gives potential customers a chance to see what a Chromebook looks like.

Google’s sales stats support this step, since 90% of sales from the Chromezone are to people who bought in store and not online.

26. September 2011

Amazon press conference September 28

Business Insider’s Steve Kovach writes that Amazon will hold a press conference on September 28, at 10AM Eastern, it will be at the Stage 37 in NYC.

The last large press conference of this type was for the Kindle 2 which was then released February 2009.
May be Amazon will unveiling the rumored tablet. Maybe a Kindle 4 e-Ink? May be both?

29. March 2011

Kindle New York Times subscribers will get full web access

Recently the New York Times errected a pay wall for its website. Web readers who aren’t already NY Times subscribers will get 20 article views per month for free and have to pay, if they want to read more. Except when they where send to the NYT by a search engine or a social network. And of course there are other ways around this pay wall, since it seems to be implemented with JavaScript only. There is even alread a free New York Times Twitter autofeed. So Times publisher Arthur Sulzburger did mention that there would be daily limits on links from search engines.

Popcorn anyone? :)
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13. November 2010

Nook for just $99,99

According to gamertell.com Best Buy is going to sell the Nook for just $99,99 instead of $149,99 on black friday.

Root your Droid

If you want to root your Android phone for any reason, and there really are some good ones, you no longer need to fiddle around with complicated how-tos risking to brick your device.

The new app Z4root from RyanZA, available in the Android market, does exactly this with one click. The app contains just one button that will essentially do everything for you.

If you want to do even more, like applying a speed-fix to your device, the One Click Lag Fix also from RyanZA does exactly this plus can also root your device. Tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S (JP0, official Froyo) and it is now running like the road runner! There was only one problem, the description says the fix works with APP2SD activated, but it did not for me! So I temporarily moved all apps back to the phone memory, applied the patch and later moved them back on the SD-card. The phone works like a charme now, really the difference is amazing.
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13. August 2010

Hanvon Windows 7 Tablet vs iPad

The Hanvon Windows 7 tablet is a new competitor to Apple’s iPad and will hopefully arrive till the end of this year. Until then you can whatch this video where it competes directly with the iPad. And the Hanvon kinda busts the iPad and it might become even better when it becomes available.

The iPad clearly wins when it comes to zooming in the browser. Typing on the keyboard, and web page rendering is slightly faster than on the Hanvon, but the Hanvon comes really close. Not much difference there. But with Windows 7 you’ve got Adobe Flash support of course. So your YouTube experience is infinite better than he would get on the iPad.

Other than the restricted iPad the Hanvon Windows 7 tablet comes with an quite open operating system and is packed with a front-facing camera, three USB 2.0 ports, a SD card slot, and even a trackpad.

But see for yourself:

27. June 2010

Plastic Logic delays Que indefinitely and refunds pre-orders

Plastic Logic has announced that it will not ship the Que. They even are refunding pre-orders. A new shipping date hast not been announced.

A spokesperson for Plastic Logic told Wired’s “Gadget Lab” blog: “Plastic Logic wants to make sure that the product they deliver is the right one for their target business customers in the rapidly changing marketplace. They are continuing to refine the product, technology and features, and are anxious to get in the marketplace as soon as possible.”

Seems that Plastic Logic just is too late, since the iPad set a rather low price border for tablet devices, they will by no chance make the money they’ve dreamed of. It seems the Que is just another piece of vapor ware and Plastic Logic will never manage to come out with anything.

Kindle DX

So if you want an eInk reader that is suitable for reading PDFs and similar documents, it seems the only reliable choice will be the Kindle DX from Amazon with its 10″ Display.

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