20. May 2012

Kobo Touch on sale for $89.99

One of the best eInk eReaders on the market, the Kobo Touch is on sale for $89.99 on e-Readers, this is $10 less then what you would pay regularly.

The Kobo supports many foreign languages such as German, French, English and more. Shop e-Readers is now selling the Kobo Touch at a rock bottom rate of $89.99 You can purchase this device and have it shipped to any country in the world. Deal expires on 06/30/2012

If you want it even cheaper, you can buy the Kobo Touch with offers, which is $74.99 only. The difference? When you turn the device off, you will see an advertising on the screen. That’s it. Most of the ads are even quite interesting and can save you more money.

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