22. June 2011

Kindle Notepad Update V1.1

This is the first time, I am able to update a Kindle app, that I have installed on my Kindle. I did not even know, that this is possible at all.

Notepad V1.1 is available on amazon.com for $0.99 or f you already bought it, as a free update.

Firstly, if you already used Notepad for Kindle, make a backup of your notes and your backups folder on your PC or Mac before updating the application! This is just a precaution, but if anything goes wrong, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

If you have WiFi or 3G then you should do the wireless update, since it works automatically and flawlessly. If you are doing a manual transfer via USB it is even more important to backup your notes before you do the update.

To update the app via Whispersync just go to the product page Notepad V1.1. When you are logged in to your account, you will see a “Update Available” button instead of the usual one.

The new file downloads to your Kindle via WhisperNet and overwrites the existing file. This happens automatically. You haven’t to do anything, don’t try to interfere with the update by deleting any files or whatsoever.

That’s it.

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28. May 2010

Kindle for iPad available globally

Amazon announced the Kindle for iPad applications availability for users worldwide. It had previously been available for US subscribers only. The Kindle for iPad offers access to the complete Kindle-format bookstore with over 550,000 titles.

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19. May 2010

Amazons Kindle for Android

Here comes a major addition to the Kindle platform’s family. Kindle for Android has been announced for this summer. Amazon launched a preview page, where interested users can look into the details first-hand and sign up to be notified the moment the application is openly available.

The features listed are basically the same as of the other Kindle Apps:  Availability of purchased books across all Kindle platforms, Whispersync across your entire account keeping track of last page read and annotations,  five font sizes and a  intuitive touch-screen page turning interface. You can read in either portrait or landscape mode.

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