04. October 2011

Google opening Retail Stores in the UK

Google hase just opened its first store within another store in the UK. The store is located inside a PC World store. Google is going to be leasing small parts of PC World’s stores to promote Chromebooks and ChromeOS.

These spaces are called “Chromezone”. Similar to the Apple spaces you find at Best Buy. This space gives potential customers a chance to see what a Chromebook looks like.

Google’s sales stats support this step, since 90% of sales from the Chromezone are to people who bought in store and not online.

17. May 2011

Amazon is about to unveil whole tablet family

It is no longer a secret – Amazon is working on a Kindle Tablet. You can find solid evidence throughout the whole blogosphere. Still Amazon has not officially confirmed anything, not to mention giving any details on what we can expect.

Most rumors refer to the allegedly order of touch screens by Amazon. New rumors say, we can expect multiple tablet sizes and possibly a smartphone or iPod Touch-like pocketable device.

Also recent news indicates that Android 3.0 will be the OS in favor for these possible devices. It might even be possible, that Amazon is working directly with Google to some extent.

The display type is still in question. Some say it might be a Mirasol display or a Pixel Qi display, since Amazon is eager to bring the experience of outdoor reading to a new level.

But there is no doubt about it, if Amazon throws some decent devices at a reasonable price on the market, there will be a hard time for Apple :)

15. January 2011

Apple forbids free iPad magazine subscriptions

The great control freak strikes again: Apple allegedly has told European newspaper and magazine publishers that they will not be allowed to offer free iPad magazine e-subscriptions to print subscribers through Apple’s e-newsstand app.

The reason is obvious: Apple can not earn a 30% fee from money that is not collected through their store. This is also the reason why iBooks is the only e-book app that is allowed to offer in-app purchases. This shows again, if you want to do anything on Apple’s devices you are caught in their walled garden. The price you have to pay to get in it, is that Apple will tell you, what to do and what not.

So with the rapidly growing number of Android devices this might be another point for the open system from Google, and Apple could soon be forced to be much less restrictive.

29. October 2010

MacBook Air can stay in bag during security check

Good news for MacBook Air owners: Apple’s ultra-thin notebook need not be removed from a bag at airport security checkpoints

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) told CNN the 11-inch Air as the iPad, can stay inside bags when passing through the checkpoint.
There is no such statement from the TSA for the 13-inch Air so far.

As netbooks and e-book readers the 11-incher gains special clearance because it’s smaller than a standard-sized laptop, due to the TSA.

24. June 2010

Apple: Not available for redownload. Purchase it again at full price.

It seems that after updating the iPhone to iOS4 the shelf of your iBooks app is empty, even if you already bought some ebooks. If you want to redownload these books, the store recognizes that you already purchased them but wants you to buy them again at full price.

Just to remember: with  my Kindle I can redownload any book I bought on Amazon at anytime anywhere for free! Well actually you can do this with all Kindle applications on any device, but at the Kindle itself even the 3G connection is for free. It goes even further, I actually can download any mobipocket ebook for free from the internet from any site i.e. from google docs.

Also with the Kindle you can read any  ebook purchased at Amazon on any of your devices with a Kindle app running, no matter if its a Kindle, a PC, a Mac, Android device and so on! Any device with an internet connection can instantly download your books, sync the last read position as well as bookmarks and annotations.

The conclusion: “Forget about iBook, and use Amazon Kindle and Stanza for your reading needs.”

Read the hole story over at www.baekdal.com

30. April 2010

Microsoft Courier will never make it

Just a few months ago, there seemed to come an alternative to the iPad – Microsoft Courier. While Apple released the iPad  in April the Microsoft Courier will never make it.

Microsoft has decided to stop the project and focus other projects. The MS Courier could have become a real iPad killer. But obviously MS has other plans, rumors say the will concentrate their efforts on the netbook market.

Microsoft’s Frank Shaw:

At any given time, we’re looking at new ideas, investigating, testing, incubating them. It’s in our DNA to develop new form factors and natural user interfaces to foster productivity and creativity. The Courier project is an example of this type of effort. It will be evaluated for use in future offerings, but we have no plans to build such a device at this time.

There is no explanation why Microsoft gave up on Courier project. Maybe the resulte would just be too expensive compared to the iPad.

It is sad, since the Courier could have been that different kind of  e-reader to challenge the iPad and other e-readers on the market.

27. April 2010

Police Seized Computers of Editor Jason Chen

Last Friday night, a Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team of California irrupted into the home of Jason Chen while he was not present. The police seized his four computers and two servers.

They where using a warrant by Judge of Superior Court of San Mateo.

Gaby Darbyshire, COO of Gawker Media LLC, claimed the search warrant to remove these computers was invalid under section 1524(g) of the California Penal Code.

It is illegal to seize journalist’s computers, because they must not be forced to uncover their sources.

Jason Chen is an editor for gizmodo.com and recently reported about a lost and found iPhone 4 prototype.

more on [ gizmodo ]

26. April 2010

iPad Camera Connector Kit

The iPad Camera Connection Kit has finally shown up. It consists of a pair of two white dongles. One is just a simple SD card adapter. It adds one-touch image and video import to the iPad. If you take your pictures in RAW format you might be interested in the fact, that it also imports RAW pictures complete with the EXIF data.

The second dongle provides a USB port with some new functionality. It is reported, that you could connect a USB-keyboard and actually type on the iPad via this USB keyboard. Also there are rumours, about USB audio. The dongle should enable you to make Skype calls after connecting a USB headset. It is said though that the USB and SD image transfers are one-way only, and not all peripherals are supported. For instance you can not connect an external hard drive to the iPad using the Camera Connectivity Kit. Camera Connection Kit shipments are two to three weeks out.

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