30. June 2015

ShareTheMeal – fight hunger with your smartphone

ShareTheMeal is a new fundraising app developed in Berlin by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The simple idea is to enable users to “share a meal” with a hungry child – by donating just 40 cent. That are the actual costs per day for one child. The distribution is done by the WFP. The first goal is to feed every school child in Lesotho. If this works, the will add region-by-region and country-by-country to reach every child in need.

The app allows the user to see how many meals have been shared already and to be as transparent as possible it also uses Geotags to show where the meals are distributed as well as stories of the children. You can find more information here: sharethemeal.org.

There are almost 20 times more smartphones than hungry children. It does only need a fraction of those smartphone users to feed every hungry child.

ShareTheMeal is a young start-up innovation based in Germany. Ireland was the first country in which the “ShareTheMeal” app was available during a trial period, since today it can be downloaded in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well. It should be available worldwide in July/August 2015.

It only takes two steps for you to help:

1. Download the app yourself and start sharing a meal. www.sharethemeal.org

2. Post and write about the app on your Facebook page, on twitter or wherever your friends are.

The app is available for Android and iOS. So go and check out, if it is available in your country and if so, just download it and share a meal with a hungry child.

It was never this easy to fight hunger in the world.

21. October 2011

Free Kindle Apps Site

The site – http://ereadplus.com offers free apps for your Kindle and is being modified and added to all the time. It already has several fully functioning apps.

Currently there are:

  • Calculator optimized for the kindle screen
  • Kindle Calendar
  • Time Zones
  • Latest News Feeds
  • Currency Converter
  • Units Converter
  • Web Bookmarks
  • Thesaurus
  • Google Maps for Kindle
  • Language Translator

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