22. May 2015

Asylum – free Horror Thriller on Amazon

Amy Cross

You can download the horror novel Asylum by Amy Cross today for free from Amazon. The 672 pages long book got 3.9 out of max 5 stars from 380 customer reviews, where 162 customers gave it 5 stars.

Book Description

Publication Date: November 23, 2013
“No-one ever gets to leave Lakehurst. The staff, the patients, the ghosts… Once you’re here, you’re stuck forever.”

After shooting her little brother dead, Annie Radford is sent to a psychiatric hospital for assessment. Hearing voices in her head, Annie is forced to undergo experimental new treatments devised by a mysterious old man who lives in the hospital’s attic. It soon becomes clear that the hospital’s staff, led by the vicious Nurse Winter, are involved in some dark and horrific plans.

As Annie struggles to survive the hospital, she learns more about Nurse Winter’s own story. Once a promising young medical student, Nurse Winter also heard voices in her head. What kind of signals are being transmitted from the basement of the hospital? Who is the old man in the attic? Why are living human brains kept in jars? And what is the dark secret that lurks at the heart of the hospital?

Please note: This book contains violence, adult language and sex scenes. Not suitable for children or young readers.

29. July 2010

Two new Kindles from Amazon

As expected a new, no two new Kindles just arrived at amazon.com and will ship from August 27th on.

You now can choose between a $139 WiFi only (available in graphite) and a $189 Free 3G + WiFi (availabele in graphite or bright-white) version of the 6 inch Kindle.

So, the Kindle got WiFi – finally, that is good news, but rises the question, why the more expensive Kindle DX did not get it?

Here are the new features:

  • New, High-Contrast E-Ink Screen – 50% better contrast than any other e-reader. The clearest text and sharpest images.
  • New and Improved Fonts – New crisper, darker fonts
    • Kindle now has three font styles -  standard Caecilia font, a condensed version of Caecilia, and a sans serif option
    • Support for New Characters -  Cyrillic (such as Russian), Japanese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean characters in addition to Latin and Greek scripts
  • New Sleek Design – 21% smaller body while keeping the same 6″ size reading area
  • 17% Lighter – Only 8.5 ounces, weighs less than a paperback
  • Battery Life of Up to One Month – A single charge lasts up to one month with wireless off
  • Built-In Wi-Fi – Shop and download books in less than 60 seconds
  • 20% Faster Page Turns – Seamless reading
  • Enhanced PDF Reader – With dictionary lookup, notes, and highlights
  • New WebKit-Based Browser – Browse the web over Wi-Fi (experimental)

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27. April 2010

Free eBook: Bursting the Brussels Bubble

Bursting the Brussels Bubble the battle to exposecorporate lobbyingat the heart of the EU from ALTER-EU

about ALTER-EU

The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU (ALTER-EU) is a coalition of over 160 civil society groups, trade unions, academics, and public affairs firms concerned with the increasing influence exerted by corporate lobbyists on the political agenda in Europe, the resulting loss of democracy in EU decision-making and the postponement, weakening, and blockage, of urgently needed progress on social, environmental, and consumer-protection reforms. ALTER-EU is a coalition of organisations, not an organisation in its own right. It does not have its own staff or budget. Organisations on the Steering Committee, together with some other ALTER-EU members, contribute staff time and share the costs for specific activities. ALTER-EU is registered in the European Commission Register of Interest Representatives under number: 2694372574-63

Download the free ebook at:


216 Pages – 1.58 MB

23. April 2010

Kindle is Amazon’s top-selling product

Kindle DX

For Amzon the e-reader Kindle remains the best selling product as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says.

Although the Kindle is repeatedly referred to as sales pitch, sales numbers of the e-book reader are kept secret by the world’s largest online retailer. Rumors speak of up to 3.3 million units sold so far, but who really knows?

Amazon’s chief financial officer Tom Szuktak said on request, that the demand for the Kindle did not suffer from the launch of the iPad. And the demand is still very strong. He also stressed again that the Kindle and the iPad are two completely different types of devices that are not necessarily in competition.
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