01. March 2009

Lens holder adapter for Canon Powershot SX10 SX1 – II

As mentioned recently, the Canon Powershot SX10 IS has no thread on which you can attach filters to the lens.

Nevertheless you might want to use sky-, pol- or neutral density filters. If you want to take macro-picures you also might need an additional macro lens. Thus in this regard the lack of a thread is very annoying to any ambitious photographer.

Recently Lensmate USA began to ship their new filter holder adapter for the Canon SX10. The price is quite reasonable with 15$ plus 5$ international standard shipping.

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17. February 2009

Filter Holder Adapter for Canon PowerShot SX10 / SX1

What at the first glance looked like a thread, unfortunately on closer inspection turned out to be a fake.The creases just in front of the lens of the cam have only the purpose on giving the lens cap a hold.

Canon proclaimed that a super zoom cam with such a huge focal length range does not need any additional equipment to be mounted onto the lens.

I totally disagree with this statement. The focal length range is really great, of course, but what about polarizers, neutral density, ultra violet, infra red or macro filters?

There are different adapters on the market, most oft them are big, ugly and heavy and bear the risk to damage the camera.

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