10. November 2010

Hanvon shows color e-ink reader

The color e-ink screen will first appear in an e-reader by Chinese company Hanvon. The new screen can display 16 levels of greyscale and 4096 colors (4bit). E Ink says  as usual with e-ink the display will be full viewable in sunlight.

The new screen is said to have a 20% faster rendering time. It is to be launched in China as an 3G/WiFi version in March 2011 for about $440.

The contrast ration of the display is only 10:1 which will mean that the colors will be pretty muted.This is because of the fact, that underneath works a common grayscale e-ink display with a color filter on top. Conclusion: if you want an E-Ink like color e-reader better wait for PixelQi or Mirasol entering the market.

13. August 2010

Hanvon Windows 7 Tablet vs iPad

The Hanvon Windows 7 tablet is a new competitor to Apple’s iPad and will hopefully arrive till the end of this year. Until then you can whatch this video where it competes directly with the iPad. And the Hanvon kinda busts the iPad and it might become even better when it becomes available.

The iPad clearly wins when it comes to zooming in the browser. Typing on the keyboard, and web page rendering is slightly faster than on the Hanvon, but the Hanvon comes really close. Not much difference there. But with Windows 7 you’ve got Adobe Flash support of course. So your YouTube experience is infinite better than he would get on the iPad.

Other than the restricted iPad the Hanvon Windows 7 tablet comes with an quite open operating system and is packed with a front-facing camera, three USB 2.0 ports, a SD card slot, and even a trackpad.

But see for yourself: