24. November 2010

2.Gen Kindle for $89

On Black Friday Amazon is going to sell the Kindle 2 International for just $89. The Kindle 2 International is said to have a better screen contrast than the Kindle 2 U.S. model and thus comes close to the current Kindle 3. gen.

“Our previous generation Kindle uses the old E Ink technology (the same E Ink as in the current Nook). Our all-new Kindle [the Kindle 3 {UK: K3}] uses the latest generation E Ink (Pearl) for 50% percent better contrast, and is available at the everyday low price of …$139.”

The sale doesn’t start until 9:00 AM on Black Friday, November 26 and it will definitely be a limited quantity item.

The $149 B&W E-Ink Nook with the same screen (WiFi only) will sell for $99 on Black Friday as will the smaller Sony without wireless, both do not have 3G and thus of course no international wireless coverage via 3G network for free. In my opinion the Kindle 2 is definitely a better deal with its free 3G cellular wireless web browser, and the Text-to-Speech capability. Other than the Kindle 3.gen it doesn’t have a WiFi module though. But the 3G it got works almost anywhere in the world without fees or the necessity to find a WiFi hot spot that’s also free.

You will find the Kindle 2 3G among the other Black Friday offers at amazon.com/blackfriday as soon as the Friday starts, so be quick!

27. July 2010

Kindle 2 out of stock

Rather suddenly the Kindle 2 is out of stock at amazon.com. The recent price cut to $189 could be a reason, but it would not be typical for amazon not planing in advance.

Since there even is no date given, when the Kindle 2 might be available again and due to similar experiences with the Kindle 1 this might point to the arriving of a new Kindle 3. Since we just saw the sudden arrival of the new graphite Kindle DX this seems rather possible.

The last time, when the Kindle 1 suddenly went out of stock in end 2008, early 2009 users who had ordered the Kindle got the Kindle 2 instead.