31. May 2010

The ASUS Eee Tablet – not to confuse with the Eee Pad – is a digital notebook with monochrome touchscreen and quick 0.1 second page turns. The display has size of 8 inch, a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel, is not backlight and offers 64-levels of grey.

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02. May 2010

Spring Design Alex Review

Over at TheDigitalReader you find a fine review of the new Spring Design Alex eReader.

First the conclusion: the Alex e-reader is a fine device, which can bring you a lot of fun but is quite expensive with its price of $400.

  • Browsing: You can browse with just the LCD screen or you can display a web page on both the LCD and e-ink screen. You can not interact with the page as shown on the epaper screen.
  • Email:  The email client is not that good, and only works on the LCD screen.
  • Apps: You can install third party apps on the Alex. Not all will work and you can only use them on the LCD screen so far. Some will not work, and you can’t use any of them on the epaper screen just like on an Android phone.

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