21. June 2011

Kandle 2 light for Kindle and other e-Readers

I actually own both versions of the Kandle Light – the original Kandle (in white), and a black Kandle 2! I have used them for my Kindle DX and now for my Kindle DX Graphite. Now there is also a graphite version of the Kandle 2 available. The new Kandle 2 costs about $25.

The quality of this little light is really good. The graphite model has a nice matte finish which feels “soft” to the touch. The color perfectly matches the kindle and they look like they were meant to go together.

The size of the Kandle is absolutely perfect. It does not weight much, one reason for this are the two CR 2032 cells which are powering the light. Unlike most other lights the clip is rather long horizontal instead of vertical. It wont cover the screen on most e-readers.

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22. April 2010

Kandle LED Book Light for Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and others

Kandle Light

I recently bought this light for my Kindle DX e-reader and so far I am really satisfied. It has a sturdy grip without causing any harm to the device, a lot of light from the two LEDs and a smooth – wide-angled light beam – no disturbing hot spot. It is totally worth its price of 25U$, you can get it from Amazon.com

It is the perfect accessory for any eBook-reader. It is designed for the Amazon KindleTM 1, 2, and DX, Sony® Reader Digital Books, and other eBook Readers. The Kandle Light does not block the screen or page. It also boasts double pivoting arms that allow for easy positioning and adjustment to tailor the screen illumination. Unlike other eBook lights, the Kandle by Ozeri is powered by two lifetime x2 LEDs that are optimized to distribute light evenly without creating glare or eyestrain. Petite and light, the Kandle by Ozeri is ultra portable and folds into a closed position where the LEDs are fully protected from scratches or breakage. Ships with 2 CR2032 batteries included. Actually it ships with four batteries, two already inserted into the light, two for exchange.

Suggestion for DX users or other readers with larger screen: Clip the Kandle to the side of the reader to illuminate the larger screen. (The bottom of the page is a tad dark if the Kandle is placed along the top of the DX.)

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29. April 2009

Emergency doctor’s car

Finally! German emergency vehicles getting more lights. More and more cars are equipped with blue leds. It is hard to see an ambulance sometimes between all the Xenon lights.