29. October 2010

Next2 Android tablet

And here you go, just another Android tablet. The Next2, will sell for $200 and you can find all the details at their www.nextbookusa.com.

“If you like reading books, browse Internet, listen to music, view your favorite photo albums or videos, Next2 is your new best friend. Its sleek design, touch screen feature, 7 inches color display, WiFi, is just amazing. Next2 comes with a free, preloaded 25 books. [...]When fully charged, you can read up to 10 hours. Nextbook now partnered with Borders.com. [...] Its high resolution screen gives you sharp images especially when playing HD video. You can also find more fun with third party Apps available.”
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13. August 2010

Hanvon Windows 7 Tablet vs iPad

The Hanvon Windows 7 tablet is a new competitor to Apple’s iPad and will hopefully arrive till the end of this year. Until then you can whatch this video where it competes directly with the iPad. And the Hanvon kinda busts the iPad and it might become even better when it becomes available.

The iPad clearly wins when it comes to zooming in the browser. Typing on the keyboard, and web page rendering is slightly faster than on the Hanvon, but the Hanvon comes really close. Not much difference there. But with Windows 7 you’ve got Adobe Flash support of course. So your YouTube experience is infinite better than he would get on the iPad.

Other than the restricted iPad the Hanvon Windows 7 tablet comes with an quite open operating system and is packed with a front-facing camera, three USB 2.0 ports, a SD card slot, and even a trackpad.

But see for yourself:

31. May 2010

The ASUS Eee Tablet – not to confuse with the Eee Pad – is a digital notebook with monochrome touchscreen and quick 0.1 second page turns. The display has size of 8 inch, a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel, is not backlight and offers 64-levels of grey.

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30. April 2010

HP Slate dead?

Rumors say, that HP had stopped development of the Slate and killed off the project entirely. According to the rumors, HP isn’t thrilled with Windows 7’s performance on the tablet. Something I can not believe in, since netbook users know, that Win7 does perform well on low-end hardware.

The Slate was officially unveiled in January had a rumored price of $549, and was supposedly launching in June.

So far there isn’t an official statement from HP.