14. September 2010

Commercial shows differences on reading on a Kindle and an iPad in direct sunlight

As you can see in this ad, while the Kindle is the better the more light is available the iPad doubles as a perfect mirror in direct sunlight. I can promise you, reading on a TFT in sunlight will give you a real head ache.

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest GenerationKindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation

by Amazon $139.00

During my vacation I enjoyed my Kindle DX on the beach on every day. Actually even a friend who usually opposes all electronic gadgets read a whole book on my Kindle during that time, cause it was much more convenient than his own book.

24. April 2010

E-Reader for just $130 – Paradigm Shift EER-051D

The newest e-reader to join the league is the EER-051D from Paradigm Shift. The Paradim Shifts EER-051D has a 5-inch color screen, and an FM tuner along with the usual MP3 player, plus a photo viewer, 2GB of internal memory and an SD card expansion slot for additional memory. The device supports most e-book formats (ANSI , UNICODE TXT ,DOC,PDF,HTML,FB2 ,PDB, EPUB, including DRM-enabled ePub books).

The EER-051D unlike most e-readers on the market instead of e-Ink  features a full color TFT display with an enhanced contrast panel. It is designed for ease of reading and long battery life.

In addition the EER-051D is an Mp3 audio and Mp4 video player, has a built in FM radio and photo viewer and has 2GB built in memory plus an SD card memory expansion slot. Proposed MSRP: $129.95