23. May 2011

New Kobo e-reader for $129, Kobo Wireless for $99

Well, the best news is, e-readers constantly are getting cheaper at a increasing speed.
The new Kobo e-reader with touchscreen costs about $129, the older Kobo Wireless drops to $99.

Kobo is introducing a new model touchscreen e-reader priced at $129, dropping the price of its earlier model to $99. The new Kobo has the same ultra-sharp Pearl e-ink display as the Kindle 3 / DXG. It also comes with a better processor than in the older Kobo, a touch-sensitive screen (with gestures such as swiping and zooming), and a built-in dictionary. The touchscreen uses zForce infrared and thus will not interfere with the sharpness of the screen.

Still, in my opinion touchscreens on e-readers are a bad idea! First you will have a lot of finger prints and worse stuff on your screen, which will hinder your sight in bright light, second because of this effect you will constantly try to clean it by wiping it with some tissue and finally will end up with scratches, you will see.

Besides this, the Kobo is still at a bit of a disadvantage compared to the Kindle or Nook given the trouble its chain retail store partner Borders is having. But it is a decent e-reading device and the price drop will put new pressure on Amazon and B&N.

26. April 2010

Proximity-sensitive touchscreens from Cypress Perform

A new kind of  “touchscreens” may be around the corner – proximity sensitive ones.
These screens can sense a finger approaching. So you actually do not have to touch the screen to cause a reaction of the device. This new technology is developed by Cypress Perform, maker of the touchscreen for the Palm Pre.

One possible use could be creating a magnifying bubble over a web browser to allow more easily selecting a link. A major advantage, especially on small screens could be the fact that you now can actually see what is beneath your finger at the time you are tapping.

But what in my opinion could be a much greater benefit would be the reduction of necessary touches at all and thus reducing the number of fingerprint smudges on the screen.

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