17. October 2011

Whispersync now works with personal documents in the cloud

Whispersync works with personal documents now. If you mail any personal documents to your Kindles email adress, these docs are saved on amazons servers, so you can re-download them to your Kindle anytime.
With the new software for the Kindle 3 you can manage these personal docs right from your Kindle.

Sadly users, like me, with a Kindle DXG are left out again. No update so far. As a Kindle DX/DXG user you are also able to send documents wireless to your device for a charge of 19 to 99 cents per MB (depending on where you are). You can and also send docs for free to your free.kindle.com address and on arrival transfer these docs via USB to your Kindle DXG. Your docs will be stored in the cloud as well, but you can not access them directly from your Kindle DXG. What is new is the fact, that suddenly there is a “Send to” button right to your docs. I’ve tried this button several times and was able to send any personal document free of charge to my Kindle DXG via 3G.

This even works outside the US, if you are a US citizen travelling abroad. If this is not a mistake by Amazon I can live very well without a software update for my Kindle DXG. Although I would advise not to over-stress this new function.

The cloud storage so far is 5GB for each account. That is a nice addition to the 3.3GB memory in your Kindle.

From the Amazon Mail

We noticed you recently used the Kindle Personal Document Service. The service now automatically archives personal documents in your Kindle library until you choose to delete them. You can always use Manage Your Kindle to see a list of your archived documents, re-deliver documents to your Kindle, delete any document from your archive, or turn off archiving for your account.

You can learn more about the Kindle Personal Document Service on our help pages.

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